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Pageantry Spotlight

A great show for Miss USA & Miss Teen USA 2020

In November, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA were held in Graceland in the midst of a pandemic. Everyone on the pageantry had their eyes on this city of Tennessee, as it was the first contest that had been held in real life since the arrival of COVID that led to the postponement of most beauty contests.

The organizers had communicated well in advance of all measures put in place to meet health obligations. During the final, a report showed the underside of this final. All technical elements were subjected to steam before entering the room. Nothing escaped the vigilance of security.

Afterwards, each candidate had to go to their home fourteenth and perform a test before going to the election site, which had been fully privatized by the organization. On site, a medical team ensured the well-being of everyone with numerous tests carried out. In addition, masks stamped with the Miss USA logo were provided to every young woman. Not a move or a repetition without masks. And I must admit that everyone respected the instructions given, so that no case was to be regretted.

When all the candidates were present on stage, they appeared hidden since the distance of one meter between them could not be observed. Then, during the parade in a swimsuit or evening dress, the young women divided into several groups so that they could parade without a mask. For questions to the finalists, each had their own microphone posed by these sides. After respecting a path that avoided intersecting, they manipulated the boxes bearing the question themes alone. Thus there was no risk.

Despite all these measurements and mandatory distances between the candidates, the show was a very pleasant time to watch, even though we couldn’t be in the room. We did not get bored for a single second with very lively, very rhythmic paintings.

And sincerely, the winner was the most radiant young woman on screen and she was the favorite of the Inside Pageant team.

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