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Beyond the Glitter on the Crowns

World Pageant Network was born out of the collaboration of La Puce with Patoune Éditions. At this publishing house, she created the collection Pageant by writing an anthology about pageantry to show that it’s not just glitter and glamour.

The world of beauty contests is not just Miss World or Miss Universe, of which you see, comfortably installed on your sofa, the finals every year.

What is behind the glitter and glamour of these crowns? How can we explain that hundreds of young people embark on an adventure every year around the world? What is it looking for by participating in it? How to distinguish these competitions from each other? What do these titles bring to the winners?

So many questions answered by this unique anthology. With over one hundred photographs, this book portrays the rich history and diversity of this world of beauty pageants.

We also wanted to warn candidates against certain abuses that exist in this environment. Then, we are asked about the future of these contests with the rise of reality TV and social networks.

This journey is illustrated by interviews with some directors, but also by the confidences of some winners, in order to dive into the heart of the pageantry.

Pre-order soon on the Patoune Editions website and from your favorite booksellers.

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