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Elizabeth Bagaya announced as new interim Miss Uganda 2020/21

Elizabeth Bagaya, who was the first runner up in the 2019/2020 Miss Uganda pageant has been announced as the new interim Miss Uganda 2020/21.

According to Brenda Nanyonjo, who is the Chief Executive Director of the Miss Uganda pageant, Bagaya’s appointment is effective immediately.

Kezzi Entertainment, the Miss World exclusive license holder, officially announces Miss. Bagaya Elizabeth, who was the first runner up as the interim Miss Uganda 2020/2021 to carry on with those duties of the Office of Miss Uganda effective immediately until when a new Miss Uganda is crowned later this year,” Nanyonjo said in a statement accessed by this website.

Last year, the Miss Uganda pageant was not able to take place because of the COVID-19 pandemic induced restrictions on mass gatherings and Oliver Nakakande, who is the 2019/2020 Miss Uganda was had to further her reign for at least another year.

Nanyonjo now said that Nakakande has however not been able to perform Miss Uganda duties recently, because she had to return to school and could not strike a balance. This, according to Nanyonjo is why they have replaced her with Bagaya.

Oliver Nakakande is away, continuing to pursue her studies consequently unable to execute the duties of the Office of Miss Uganda,” Nanyonjo said.

In a phone chat with this reporter, Nanyonjo added: “Oliver had taken a taken year during the time she was Miss Uganda, because she could not balance

Since she was not able to complete her reign, we had to choose another one because her university is not even in Uganda, it’s in Dubai.

In the meantime, according to Nanyonjo, Mariam Nyamatte, who was the 2nd runner up now becomes the 1st runner up while Petronella Acen will now become the 2nd runner up. Acen is also the Miss Uganda North.

Kezzi Entertainment are the exclusive holders of the Miss World license in Uganda and together Miss Uganda Foundation and Talent Africa, organise the annual Miss Uganda pageant where the selected Miss Uganda, is mentored by the Academy of Queens, to represent the country at the global Miss World event.

Elizabeth Bagaya, 26 holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management and she is a make-up artist by profession. At the time of her appointment, Bagaya was also running her Bagaya Elizabeth Foundation that helps to extend financial and mental support to children at Butabika Hospital.

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