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Eva Patalinjug resigns as national director of Magandang Filipinas and the reaction of the owner of this contest.

Earlier this year, Eva Psychee Patalinjug was been announced as national director for a new national contest in Philippines :  Magandang Filipinas. According the organizers, this contest is an homage to the Philippines’ beauty not only as a country of breathtaking and scenic natural wonders but also as the home of some of the world’s most beautiful women. A chance for empowered women from all over the country to advocated for the issues close to their hearts and represent themselves at a new stage.

A few months after this great announcement, the tea towel burns between the owner of this competition and Eva Psychee Patalinjug to the point that she had no other choice but to resign from her post. On her social networks, she has just explained her gesture.

On the Facebook of the organization, Mr. Crisostomo aswered to this resignation and explain the situation.

What do you think about this situation ? 

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