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Greece’s Katerina Kouvoutsaki withdraws from Miss Universe ‘for health reasons’

Sofia Arapogianni will represent Greece at Miss Universe 2021 after Katerina Kouvoutsaki withdrew from the competition “for health reasons.”

Close to 70 countries will compete in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant to be hosted in Israel on 13 December.

“As of today, the new MISS UNIVERSE GREECE 2021 is Sofia Arapogianni. Our beauty Queen Katerina Kouvoutsaki will not be able to represent our country, in the crown of the universe, for health reasons [sic], which do not allow her to travel,” said a statement released by the organisation on Friday.

22-year-old Sofia studies at Merchant Marine Academy, and she speaks three languages. Greece previously won the Miss Universe crown in 1964.

In October, Greece’s original Miss Universe representative, Rafaela Plastira, reportedly withdrew from the competition in protest, saying: “I love all countries from all over the world but my heart goes to all the people fighting for there lives in Israel & Palestina. I can’t go up that stage and act like nothing is happening when people are fighting for there lives out there. [sic]”

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