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Ilhame Bel Makhfi Crowned Miss Arab World 2020

Moroccan Ilhame Bel Makhfi, 28, won the Miss Arab World 2020 title during a ceremony attended by fashion and art celebrities, headed by President of the beauty pageant Hanan Nasr.

Contestants from 12 countries competed for the title, most notably Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Jordan and Iraq.

Belmakhfi said in an exclusive interview with Sada el-Balad English (See) that she is contented with winning the title, adding that her next steps will include visiting orphanages and major charitable hospitals to encourage donations to such institutions.

She also said that her vision will focus on encouraging cultural exchange between Arab countries, especially after her visit to Egypt.

Regarding her secret beauty tips, she indicated that Moroccans use argan oil for shiny, healthy hair, and home remedies for a glowing body and skin.

She concluded by thanking Egypt for hosting the competition, as well as her supporters and fans. The beauty queen said, “There is a great similarity between the Egyptian and Moroccan people, especially in terms of hospitality and reception.”

“I was honored to win the title in a country close to my heart, which is the beloved Egypt,” she added.

Tunisian Ahlem Souidi was chosen as the second runner-up. The latter was preceded by the Egyptian Nourhan Ahmed, the first runner-up, while the third runner-up went to Algerian Souha Zid. Egyptian news outlet Masr Alyoum reported that Yemeni woman Sarah Al Agha clinched the title of Miss Arab for Tourism for her efforts to support Arab tourism through youth conferences.

Bel Makhfi holds a master’s degree in economics, speaks French and English as well as her mother tongue, Arabic. She believes that beauty is not only about external features, but also about inner beauty and love for others.

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