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Miss France, a show has been ?

On December 19, France elected its new Miss France and at the same time celebrated the 100th anniversary of the competition.

So, first, let’s make things clear. The Miss France brand dates from 1926 and not 1920. At that time, the French nominated for the first time the most beautiful woman in France, not Miss France. It was not until the invitation to the international competition, International Pageant of Pulchritude, to see the creation of Miss France. For more information, I encourage you to read this article about the history of this contest to understand. But, well, don’t chipotons about a few years of difference.

So we settled quietly in our sofas to follow this grand event, since its director Sylvie Tellier had been relapsing us for weeks, that she worked hard to make this centennial a great show. So, there was a lot of expectation on our part, I must recognize it.


Opening with all the old Miss France was a good idea in itself, but alas, the stylist should have dressed them to have some harmony with the image. It was felt that some had access to designer dresses while others had to search their closets. Pity!

After this vintage moment (too short for my taste), the show regained its rights and the disappointment came immediately with the first painting. From the first steps, I felt like I heard this music as if I saw this painting. After verification, my doubts were confirmed. Practically, no change since last year’s show. However, for a centenary, we could expect innovative paintings or showcase the history of the contest. But, no!


Presenting 29 candidates at Miss France is no less than 3 very long and boring paintings that are preceded by short, very formatted introductory videos that seem unwarm and a bit false… This year, most young women had experienced school harassment. On social networks, taunts were going well, especially by evoking that it should be the subject of the year.

Let not be told that it is impossible to make simpler, and above all more dynamic! A few weeks beforehand, Miss USA managed with great brilliance to present her 52 candidates in an hour. I did not get bored for a single second, unlike the Miss France show where I had to fight against my many yawning.

I think the table of regional costumes is the one I questioned the most. Indeed, most of the costumes are regional only by name and I have searched (and I am still looking for) the link with the regions. I must greet most of the overseas territories who played the game with local outfits in very warm colors. I do not ask to return to Madame de Fontenay’s time with the regional costumes of yesteryear… I think we can modernize this painting without falling into excess as now. Then, through the different costumes, it seems obvious that not all committees have the same involvement or the same means to prepare their candidate. For example, Miss Côte d’Azur appeared in a sheath dress with a palm as a belt. A little simplistic as a suit.

After these paintings came the most troublesome moment of the evening: the Cut. Indeed, by going from 29 to 15, every young woman had to introduce herself and there it was the drama. Admittedly, showing up on stage is not obvious, but it seemed obvious that no young woman had been prepared properly. Between flouillage (excusable), too long speeches and French errors, it was embarrassing to see them buried. In addition, due to the current sanitary measures in France, no public facing her ladies, just a jury, former Miss France and some technicians. So it’s simpler than when you find yourself in front of 3,000 spectators. I admit that I had to struggle hard not to get so much as the speeches were tasteless as possible. I thank Twitter for allowing me not to fall asleep.

23:00 was ringing and the coronation was still far away, yet the show had already started for 2 hours. At Miss USA, the final lasts two hours (not one more minute). Of course, two days before, a one-hour screening night is visible on the net. Despite the number of candidates on stage, their show is more rhythmic, more alive.


Let’s go back to Miss France. We then had the right to see a painting of super heroines (already seen during the year of Maeva Coucke’s sacred), before having the one in evening dress. Then, the 5 finalists were finally announced before parading one last time in princess dresses, a little disappointing this year, and answering a final question. This last cut allowed to have some surprises in the names and put a little mood on social networks.

The speeches of these ladies agreed so much that it quickly becomes boring. This part is terribly lacking in originality, such as the reports on gifts that are practically the same from year to year. The scene and the various artifices did not bring a modern side nor the magic necessary to this show. This great scene seemed empty and the choreographies did not allow to fill this space…

In the middle of the election, a question shoved me during the rest of the show. What were the former winners of the competition other than the opening? In my opinion, it would have been wise to use them in the various tables, to give them a little more light by giving them a more important role.

In summary, you will have understood it well, I think, this centenary was a disappointment..

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