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Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo shares episode one of Stories of Hope

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo recently shared the episode one of Stories of Hope on her social media titled, ‘Stories of Hope-The Journey to the Dream’ where she featured Kimberly Quilestino, a native of Badian, southern Cebu and a student from Zaragosa Integrated School (ZIS) who shares her struggles as she walks towards her dream of becoming a teacher.

In the episode, Rabiya is seen distributing books and slippers to the people of the community in the remote island of Badian in Southern Cebu as a part of her advocacy and documents the entire thing. Rabiya later introduced Kimberly in the episode and stated that she understands that everyone across the world is dealing with the pandemic but Kimberly is here to share her story and give everyone that little ray of hope during the most difficult time that trusts our character.

Rabiya asked Kimberly to share her experience and challenges about being a student in new normal era to which she shared that once a week they go to school to get their modules for eight subjects. She added, “It is challenging to understand the modules and lessons since we do not have internet here.” Rabiya further asked her girl about her family where she mentioned that her mother works as house helper, and Kimberly is the second of the five children due to which she must step up into her parents’ shoes to take up some responsibilities.

Kimberly mentioned, “I am taking care of my sibling especially the six-year-old. My mother left her when she was two-years-old because of the work, I have to take up the responsibility.” She added that her siblings are her priority and before going to school she manages to do all the household chores. Kimberly’s story touched Rabiya and she mentioned that she is so young but she must step up and take responsibilities because her siblings are her priority and she wants to help her parents and the beauty queen wished her for her success.

Rabiya asked Kimberly about her dream which is to be a teacher and informed her that she is a teacher herself who teaches Anatomy. Kimberly mentioned that she wants to teach English or Filipino in future and Rabiya couldn’t control her excitement and stated that she can see the big dreams in Kimberly’s eyes and she wishes that all of them comes true. She appreciated Kimberly for all the hard work and responsibilities she has taken up to help her parents and siblings.

The beauty queen desired to know about the struggles of Kimberly as she mentioned that she walks for an hour to reach her school. Kimberly stated that she has to wake up early do all the household chores and leave for school and for this she sometimes has to skip the breakfast but she doesn’t mind it because she wants to be on time but she is determined to finish her studies in order to help her parents.

Kimberly shared that there were projects she couldn’t pass because she has no internet access and no money to buy writing materials so she has to either borrow money or stay up at school to finish her projects. Rabiya shared her struggles with Kimberly and advised her never to give up and the day she becomes a teacher, she should not forget to share her story and inspire others. She visited Kimberly’s home and met all the members of her family and mentioned that it’s only through education that Kimberly and her family can be helped.


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