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Mister Africa International 2021 – Interview of Mister Africa Cameroon

We reveal to you the interviews of the candidates who compete in Mister Africa International. We put the same 6 questions to all the candidates. Today, it is the representative of Cameroon who presents himself to you.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Chris Mbele i am 24 years old I am an entrepreneur

Tell us about your pageant history

Basically I am a podium model, and it was in 2019 that I decided to embark on beauty contests, the 1st contest in which I participated is mister world cameroon, then mister francophonie and now mister africa international.

What inspired you to compete for Mister Africa International?

What pushed me to compete for mister africa international, first of all it is the challenge it is a competition which brings together the majority of mister from africa entirely and it is for me a real privilege to be able to measure myself against them in a beauty contest.

If you win the title, what cause will you defend?

If I win the title I would defend the causes of young orphans and destitute children (because at the base I am one) all those who do not have real physical moral and financial support and who end up abandoned part in life , I would defend their causes in order to tell them not to give up and let them know that nothing is impossible.

How are you preparing for Mister Africa International?

Aside from the preparation I would just say that I do my best to be on top, physically and mentally.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I would like to leave as a legacy my determination and propelled to the highest level mister africa international because of my image and my actions as mister


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