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Mister Landscapes Philippines 2021 WINNERS

by Bench Bello @benchbello

Mister Landscapes Philippines 2021 held their second edition via online at LEAP Shows Youtube Channel last June 2, 2021.

The winners of the Grand Virtual Coronations of Mister Landscapes Philippines 2021 were: 


Mister Landscapes Philippines 2021
Mark Alfonso Napiñas (Bacolod City)
Best in Formal Attire
Mr. Phototelegenic
Best in Tribal Costume
Mr. Napiñas will compete in Mister Landscapes International 2021 in September in China.

First Runner-Up and Mister Continental International Southern Philippines 2021
Ali Ajrouche (Manila City)
Award: People’s Choice Award (VOTENEX)
Mr. Ajrouche will compete in Mister Continental International in November in Vietnam

Second Runner-Up and Man Of The Earth Philippines 2021
Jay Mark Becaro (Bacolod City)
Award: Best in Swimwear
Mr. Becaro will compete in the Man Of The Earth world virtual pageant in July 2021.

Mister Landscapes Philippines franchise is owned and being managed by Bacolod/Australia based LEAP Production, National Director Mr. Larry Medes. The Mister Landscapes Philippines male pageant advocates for racial equality, healthy lifestyle and ECO Tourism. Throughout the year they aim to discover young men who are compassionate, sincere, and witty, in addition to all that, good looking with great physique who would most likely get the job done. The Ideal Man he is called. 

The Mister Landscapes International Pageant is a registered trademark co-owned by Charmpress Intercontinental and Sir Adam Lee. It was first launched in 2019, when Japan’s Yuta Uemura, a professional football player became the first International winner on April 12, 2019 during a live show, held in the ancient capital of China, Xi’An Shaanxi Province.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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