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Osmel Sousa resigned from the Miss Argentina Organization

The beauty czar decided to resign from the organization because in Argentina there is no culture of beauty queens.

With the phrase “I’m not going to be Argentina anymore”, the beauty czar began an interview through the YouTube channel with the influencer Lourdes Stephen, in which he declared that “ingratitude is even disgusting“.

Similarly, the beauty czar expressed his criticism of the last 69th edition of Miss Universe 2020, in which he mentions that this edition had something very special, “it was bad and it was good, bad because we are in a time of pandemic and they can carry out any type of events or contests and well because they made an excellent selection of candidates.

Those of us who had Mises franchises, in my case with Miss Argentina, they asked us for a girl regardless of when she would have won a beauty pageant and the Miss Universe organization only made the selection of those they considered best prepared.” The experience in performing the Miss Argentina was not the best, since when you told the girls this is for the Miss Universe pageant they gave a shout to the sky and said: Queee !. They really have no idea where they are standing.

Argentina is not a country in which the culture of beauty queens exists, they do not give it enough importance, so organizing contests in this country would be something really difficult and a waste of time, that’s why my resignation, and well it touches wait, if another country gives me the opportunity, welcome, informed the beauty czar

Why did you leave the Miss Venezuela Organization?

Organization in which I was approximately more than 40 years, I decided to resign because the situation became very difficult in Venezuela with the company, in which there was a person who wanted me to leave.“. So, they started to limit expenses, budgets, so I felt completely displeased.


While the entire resignation process was being handled, a very filthy campaign came out in which the comments were derogatory, in which “people said” that prostitution was handled in the organization, they made investigations, inquiries and found nothing, because they never there was nothing, it was just that there was no money or budget to cover the expenses of the participants. “So I preferred to give up and leave everything that size”.

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