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Pageantry Spotlight

Pageantry Spotlight : Miss SuperGlobe

The world of pageantry is vast. As you know, we like to bring some light on new or young competitions. Today we are going to discover Miss Super Globe. Mélanie was lucky enough to interview her CEO, Arun Ratna for her encyclopedia.

Arun Ratna graduated in Fashion Design at the age of 22. Thus, he organized numerous fashion shows, while participating in numerous competitions to highlight the creativity of his collections. But he is not satisfied with the way his outfits are showcased and so he choreographed his own shows initially with his friends by coaching them so that they learn how to parade and pose correctly.

Loving this, he abandons his career as a stylist to embark on coaching models, but also aspiring queens of beauty. I find a position in Bangalore in model academies. In 2006, he aspired to launch his own school, Fashion Runway International and at the same time became a recognized coach on the national and international scene.

Ten later, he plans his own contest for kids: Junior Model International, which brings together more than 40 different countries. Then, quite logically, in 2018, he created his pageant open to young women: Miss SuperGlobe.

This pageant, which brings together twenty different countries, wants to show that the competitions are not only “coat rack” competitions for fashion brands. “Pageantry is not just Glitz & Glamour… It’s an amazing platform which helps you to connect to the world, be the voice for millions of people around you….which helps you to understand the importance of social commitments and probably a leader for the aspiring ones…” he said.

Besides serving as a model for the backward communities, the values for being a good Miss SuperGlobe according to its creator are to be humble and polite, but above all being a good social humen.

The plaform of this pageant is to promote the education for girls in India, mainly in rural areas where they do not necessarily have access to schools.

When asked to define his contest, Arun tells us “Confident, Stylish and Intelligent”. If you recognize yourself in these values, that your size is at least 5feet 4 inchs and you are less than 28 years old, I invite you to get closer to the organization to tell you the national director of your country. If it does not exist, do not panic, the organization organizes its own castings.

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