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The tea towel burns in Mexico…

A few days ago, Sofía Aragón won against the former Miss Universe 1991, Lupita Jones, current director of Mexicana Universal. She accused him of failing to support her financially during his reign and of dismissal without notice. Sofía Aragón also shared the many hurtful remarks, the psychological violence she was subjected to me by Lupita.

In her fight, she was immediately supported by Denisse Franco, Mexicana Universal 2017. She accused Lupita Jones of being responsible for her poor ranking in the Miss Universe contest. Denisse Franco did not qualify among the finalists, which caused the anger of the fans who had criticized the director for her lack of support. “I feel very proud of myself that despite going against the current, I was able to achieve my goal, say my best and most importantly, all MEXICO supporting me. God is not mistaken and he trusted that he has better things to offer me. We all know that I surrender myself in body and soul; that getting a good place was not in my hands. God knows what really happened and observes at all times. I thank life for having the opportunity to live this magnificent experience and I will be infinitely grateful for all your support,” she said in a post on Instagram.

Numerous controversies have enameled the course this former beauty queen became a coach of beauty queens. Rather than extinguishing the fire, Lupita went to the attack by a video in which she speaks in a very derogatory way of her former protected by calling her false, but also settling accounts with old queens, which she did not hesitate to treat “drug addicts,” “peppers”… This release led to the release of many former beauty queens who decided to come and tell what they experienced and support Sofia Aragon. Even Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete, whose relations with Lupita Jones have never been in good standing, intervened by discreet likes on social networks before writing, “Hopefully we always take care of our words and qualifying adjectives to refer to other women.

The difficult character of the director of Mexicana Universal is no longer to be demonstrated. In 2011, he had pushed to resignation, Cynthia de la Vega, Nuestra Belleza Mundo Mexico, who reacted on Instagram “I feel that justice is being done, I was literally threatened along with my parents in their office (of Lupita), by her, but I have the lesson that time to time and that for God’s children the truth always comes out and I hope that this time unlike when it was my turn, the queens raise their voices.”

The revelations continue when Nebai Torres finally explains the reasons for his absence in the coronation of the successor. It appears that she received little financial support during her reign and that the organization did not invite her for the final.

Finally, Paola Torres, Miss Earth Mexico 2019, also expressed solidarity with her companions. “I find it shameful that being the first Mexican woman who changed history and represented us as a country in an international contest, she is the same one that today attacks us in such an arrogant and unethical way,” said Torres.

Faced with the growing controversy, Jones had no choice but to make public apologies again to Sofía Aragón and the other queens of beauty. “In the past few days I starred in one of my worst public appearances, I showed myself as an aggressive woman, violent, without compassion and lacking sorority. I did not know myself and offer apologies, I deeply regret my behavior and the words that came out of my mouth, I offer a sincere apology to Sofia Aragon for how I expressed myself about her, no woman deserves to be treated like that,” says Jones.

The businesswoman acknowledged that the young woman represented Mexico with intelligence and beauty and that from this situation she learned not to get carried away by anger and to avoid violence. “I know that it would be fair and favorable to publicize the truth, context and background of what happened, but for years I have kept quiet difficult situations to safeguard the image of the participants and the organization and that has led to incomplete and false versions circulating with great freedom and to the detriment of my public image,” she said.

She also requested that the attacks on her son Simon Charaf cease, who has been the target of numerous slanders from fans of pageantry, such as the current competitors of the contest. She assured that she had no conflict with the 31 delegates waiting for the final to be held on November 29. Lupita convinces in an interview with our colleagues El Universal that all the candidates support her.

Case to follow…

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