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UK wins Mrs Top of the World Plus Size 2020

Madara Riley from United Kingdom has won Mrs Top of the World plus-size 2020 and Mrs Top of the World Media, in the pageant Ms/Mrs Top of the World.

The mum-of-two represented the UK in the contest’s final stage which included a live online talent show on Thursday, where she read out her own poem, and an interview about her country on Friday. Her win was announced during a virtual event broadcast on Zoom on Saturday night.

Madara said: “It is just amazing! It’s an international contest with glamorous girls from all over the world. I didn’t expect to win, they were going through the categories of winners, I was in my kitchen talking to the contest in my gown, but in the background getting on with chores, loading the dishwasher and getting my kids settled for bed!”

Madara is originally from Latvia, and came to the UK 17 years ago. She is married to Matthew Riley and has a daughter Camellia Kate, aged 13, who has autism, and a son Riley, 7.

She added: “I was stunned when they called out my name! It’s fantastic to bring the crown back to Mansfield! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and Chad for all the fantastic help highlighting my story.

“I now get a Swaroski crystal crown, a gold sash and I’ll have to fly to Brazil to be crowned in December, Covid dependent.

“It’s like a Cinderella story, I started small in Mansfield and now I’m getting lots of sponsorship.

“I entered to highlight issues faced by parents with autistic children and to give women confidence to be who they are. I’m not your standard size, I am not a blonde with long legs. I’m officially now the most beautiful chubby girl in the world!

“It’s not about looks, it’s about your talents, having a cause and talking to people. I now have a fantastic international platform to promote autism awareness, special needs and mental health issues, often taboo issues in some countries.

“Latvia is very proud of me, I’m helping bring our countries together. I am an immigrant, but I wanted to give something back to my beautiful home, the UK.”

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