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Up-Close with Ray Martin – Hari Ng Pilipinas Manila

by Bench Bello (IG: @benchbello)

Ray Martin is a 21 year old Spanish-Filipino, freelance model and future psychologist. He was born and raised in Manila. He decided to join Hari ng Pilipinas because he wants to express and use his voice and actions to influence and be the role model throughout his advocacy and desire. 

Here are some questions for Ray Martin. 

Why do you deserve to win in this pageant? 

I am deserving to be a Hari ng Pilipinas 2021 and be the role model because I have a strength and capabilities where I can give and express the true meaning of a champion.

I will continue to stabilize, build and empower my advocacy and desire towards a beautiful and successful life for us. And I want to use my voice and action to help and stop mental awareness, the use of illegal drugs and bad habits of individuals and I will be focusing on the youth empowerment to give knowledge, share learnings and spread awareness.

What are the challenges for this virtual pageant?

Every competition and battle is always a challenge and risk but I’m into the process and trusting the flow of the situation. My capabilities, knowledge, adjustments and coping up with the situation is what is most needed as a candidate and a Man.

Makeup Artist: Xyred Tonianne / Photographers: Redj Sayco, Erick Isaac & Michael Kao/ Designer: Rj Choresca Valenzuela

Who do you think is your greatest competitor?

I don’t see them as a threat nor a competitor but to see them as a challenge for me to make myself stronger, indestructible and I should be competitive since it’s a competition.

What are the lessons that you’ve learned from this pandemic?

Every step of our lives has its own lessons but in this pandemic situation, I’ve learned to be more careful and value food, shelter and money. And how to stay more secure, safe and healthy since we are talking about the virus. And what I’ve felt as a lesson is to love and protect the family more and always have interactions with them even to our beloved God.



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