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Brenda Smith Lezama crowned Senorita Panama 2021

Brenda Smith Lezama was crowned Senorita Panama 2021 at the end of the coronation ceremony, held on on 7th November 2021 at Hotel Whyndham Convention Center, Panama City. The representative of Panamá Centro succeeds Señorita Panamá 2020 Carmen Isabel Jaramillo for this crown and now will represent her country at the upcoming edition of Miss Universe pageant, to be held in December 2021 in Eilat, Isräel.

Hailing from Ciudad de México, the 26 year-old beauty queen was born in the US to a Mexican mother and Panamaian father. She has a degree in Journalism and Cultural Studies and is an activist and a lecturer. Since the beginning of the pageant, she emerged as a front runner being well-spoken, having a multi-cultural background, having a strong voice and opinions, a catwalk worth millions, and mesmerizing looks.

Brenda is a proud advocate and presenter of Afro-Latin culture and has dedicated herself to fight and raise awareness about the recognition, justice, and development of the people of African descent around the world. She is a professional speaker who reflects on stepping up, speaking out and the power of using a young voice to make a difference.  She shares lessons learned from student-led protests ignited by systemic racism that captured national headlines.

Brenda is a well-known name in the pageantry, having won some of the most acclaimed titles. She was crowned Mexicana Universal Ciudad de México 2019 and represented Ciudad de México at the Mexicana Universal 2020 where she was adjudged as the second runner-up. Apart from this, she has previously participated and was crowned Miss Missouri Teen USA 2013 and represented Missouri at Miss Teen USA 2013 where she was placed among the Top 15 and as the first runner-up at Miss Georgia USA 2017. She has also participated in Our Latin Beauty 2018.

Also crowned in the event was Señorita Panamá Supranational 2021 Cecilia Medina, who will compete in the next edition of Miss Supranational. Khateryn Yejas, meanwhile, was named Señorita Panamá Grand. Hillary Watson and Ivis Nicole Snyder were first and second runners-up, respectively.

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