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Catriona Gray asked: ‘Are pageants still relevant?’

In the latest episode of his online show “Musings,” BJ Pascual got to ask Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray a number of questions about pageants.

According to Catriona, winning the title is one thing but doing something after winning the crown is an entirely different thing.

I feel so. But it’s really in the hands of – in the beginning – the org and the majority, the girl. Because a title can just be a title – unless the girl makes it more than that,” she said.

The 26-year-old beauty queen said people have always viewed advocacies promoted and acted upon by pageant contestants as just for show.

Like me naman, example, when I was preparing for the pageant and I was doing my advocacy and my spokesperson work and all of these different things. There’s always that assumption na pang-pageant lang ‘yan,” she said.

But Catriona – who happens to be an advocate of numerous philanthropic acts such as children’s’ rights – said it isn’t the case for her.

But it’s something that I really care for that’s why I still continue to do it until now. I didn’t need the title to kind of lean on that and be able to validate what I’m doing because it’s me. And that’s what I brought to the title,” she remarked.

She added: “So it’s the same for any other girl. They could just leave the title as is like ‘I’m a Miss Universe and that’s it’ or you could add something else to it. It’s your choice.

Source – Paney News. – 26 November 2020

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