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The pageantry is evolving as well as mentalities and we can only congratulate ourselves to see the doors of the competitions open to new communities, especially since the image of women has not been reduced to a mere support for sponsors for decades.

The time of “Be Beautiful and Shut Up” is well and truly over in the world of beauty pageants. The proof, those titleholders who put their whole soul into promoting, defending and raising funds for platforms they support, when they don’t start their own foundation to help this or that cause. Their crown offers them unexpected opportunities, but also to enter previously closed networks, where we listen to their opinion. These meetings allow them to have a very significant impact on their community when it is not just on the society. Their titles allow them to become a voice that matters.

But Marisa Butler’s recent testimony invites us to reflect on this world. Not everything is as beautiful as we would like it to be. Indeed, let’s not hide our faces, not everything is rosy in the pageantry. Behind the glamorous facades, we still too often encounter misogyny, a lack of know-how on the part of sponsors or even staff or sometimes a flagrant lack of professionalism in some. These behaviors to be denounced spoil the dream of these young men and women, being able to reach them in the deepest and leading some into a depression that will end most of the time in a disgust of an environment that is precisely the opposite of what they have experienced.

As during the #metoo movement, it was time for the world of beauty pageants to launch its revolution and allow the word to be liberated. I salute the courage of Marisa Butler who dared to defy prohibitions by opening up on her experience. She is leading the way and I hope that now many young women will have the courage to speak out against the inappropriate behavior of their organizations, sponsors, but also fans. It is time to clean up our doors…

We, the first to relay the word of the victims without submitting to the pressure of the organizations, denouncing all the scams, the lies… The entire Inside Pageant team has decided to roll up its sleeves to make this world a better place.

#changethegame is our motto for 2022.

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