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Clémence Botino positive for Covid-19

Clémence Botino would have tested positive for Covid-19 on his arrival in Israel, according to information from the Israeli media I24News on Monday, November 29. She must thus abandon the Miss Universe contest, since she is now isolated for 14 days in a hotel.

Clémence Botino, elected Miss France 2020, tested positive for Covid-19 upon her arrival in Tel Aviv, Israel. Unfortunately, it arrived before the new restrictions were put in place by the Israeli Ministry of Health, in the face of the discovery of the new Omicron variant. The beauty queen was to represent France at the Miss Universe 2021 contest, on December 12 in Eilat. Her participation is therefore canceled, given that she will have to remain isolated for 14 days. The 24-year-old will spend the next two weeks in a hotel specially designed for cases of coronavirus. She was taken there by ambulance on Monday, November 29, according to information from Israeli media I24News, just after having tested positive for her PCR test.

According to Sylvie Tellier, “Clémence is doing well. She left with a negative test from Paris,” she commented in her Instagram story yesterday. She also confirms that the young Miss was taken care of by the Miss Universe organization and placed in isolation. “It’s very difficult for Clémence. Send her messages of support. We are all with you !!“, concludes the general manager of the company Miss France by supporting the young woman who is very annoyed. Clémence Botino for his part published a message directly on his Instagram account to share his sentence with his subscribers. She confirms in particular to have lost the taste and smell but does not despair. “Nothing happens by chance”, she wrote in her statement, “I will not let go, I will always fight (…) everything we live makes us stronger“.

The beauty queen revealed her COVID-19 test results in a statement on her Instagram page today, Nov. 30. Botino also admitted crying when she found out about her condition.

This morning, they called me to say that I was positive. I was shocked and sad, it is truly hard,” she told fans. Botino recounted calling her family to tell them about her test results and opened up on how difficult it is to be diagnosed with COVID-19 while abroad. “They (family) have been really [supportive]. It is not easy to deal with all of that while being far from home,” she said. “Botino then assured that the Miss Universe Organization is taking care of her and she is looking after herself as well. I will stay [in lockdown for] 10 days then I will be tested again,” she added. “Even if it is hard, I won’t give up. Life has brought me to Israel and everything is ready. Every situation is supposed to make us stronger.”

The beauty queen also reminded the public to stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic and thanked her fans for supporting her.

“Don’t forget to be safe because the virus is still here. Thank you for your support and love,” she said.

Miss Universe 2021 canceled ?

Apart from the cancellation of the participation of Clémence Botino, the smooth running of the Miss Universe contest is also at stake. All the people who have been in contact with the French candidate, including some other candidates, have also been placed in quarantine, the time to know the result of their PCR tests. According to I24News, the organizers of the event are doing everything possible to ensure that the evening is not canceled, but nothing is certain yet.

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