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In her own Crown

In Her Own Crown : Sonia Mansour

This young woman is a pageantry veteran. She has participated in major competitions under the colors of France or Morocco. She brings her good humor to this world. This interview will allow you to get to know her a little better.

Inside Pageant (IP) – Can you introduce yourself in a few words for people who don’t know you?

My name is Sonia Mansour, a french woman of 26 years old. I was crowned Miss World Noble Queen International in 2019.

(IP) – When did you first start competing in pageantry ?

In 2014, I

tried to win the title of  Miss Prestige Ile de France (A beauty contest competitor of the Miss France pageant – Ed), but I didn’t manage to win the crown.

I have been drawn to this environment since my earliest childhood. My family including my mother encouraged me to introduce myself to a pageant. After graduating from high school, I started working as a model.

(IP) – What sparked your interest  for pageantry ?

In 2014, I tried for the first time the beauty contest, but I realized that it took work to get the crown. I have to take it very seriously to get results. I prepared to come back stronger in 2015. Then, I got a taste for competition.

(IP) –  Can you enlighten us on your pageantry journey ?

– Miss Prestige Ile de France 2015

It’s my first title. I represented my region at the 2016 Miss Prestige National final, where I was not ranked. But, I liked the atmosphere of this beauty contest. In 2014, my delegate in charge of relations with international beauty pageants suggested that I represented my country internationally.  This is the start of my career on the international pageantry scene.

– Queen Beauty Universe France 2015

My first international pageant was a good experience.

– Face of Beauty International France 2015

I finished at Top 15 and won the Best in swimwear award.

– Top Model of the World France 2016

– Miss Eco International France 2017

– Miss Grand International France 2017

The committee was convinced of my potential and when he obtained the license for this great competition, its president suggested that I try the adventure. I immediately accepted. It was a great experience that allowed me to discover a new culture, a new country. I really liked the atmosphere of this competition.

– Miss Supranational 2018

– Miss Tourism & Culture Queen of the Universe 2019

I represented France during the 2019 Miss Tourism and Culture Universe pageant where I won the spot of fifth runner-up with my outstanding performance, that opened the doors of Miss International to me.

– Miss International France 2019

This competition will forever be a wonderful memory. I liked everything about this contest. I met friends there and discovered a beautiful culture. For the first time, I represented the country of origin of my parents: Morocco. A great pride.

– Miss World Noble Queen International 2019

The organizers noticed me when I was on the Miss International stage and upon my return offered to join their beauty pageant. It’s my first international crown.

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