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Kataluna, transgender woman, wins beauty pageant in Nevada, USA, and aspires to reach Miss Universe

A transgender woman of Hispanic heritage has made history by recently winning a major beauty pageant in the state of Nevada. Her name is Kataluna Enríquez, who won the crown of the Miss Silver State USA beauty pageant, which is preliminary to the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

In other words, Kataluna Patricia Enríquez, who was born male, has the possibility of winning the award of the most beautiful woman in Nevada and, therefore, participating in Miss USA and Miss Universe.

In statements posted on local FOX 5 channel, the 26-year-old transgender woman said: “Miss Silver State was a great experience … for me it was honestly a celebration of femininity and diversity and this celebration of truly being yourself.”

Enriquez, who is Filipino-American, revealed that she has experienced exclusion or rejection in beauty pageants in the past. But the California pageant winner has found her platform to advocate for the transgender community at these pageants, and says she feels optimistic that she could win Miss Nevada.

Source – The Opinion
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