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Miss Africa International 2021 – Mister Africa Fashion

We reveal to you the interviews of the candidates who compete in Mister Africa International. We put the same 6 questions to all the candidates. Today, it is Mister Africa Fashion who presents himself to you. 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rachid Savané, I am a national international model and Guinean top model.

Tell us about your pageant history

I was elected top model guinea 2019 and I had to do international parades like FIMA (international festival of African fashion) in Niger, Fesmma (International Festival of African Fashion and Modeling), YORODHE in Abidjan and many others.

What inspired you to compete for Mister Africa International?

I presented myself for Mister Africa International first out of ambition, it’s a competition that I really like and it’s to make my father proud my boss AlphaO who died on May 22, he always wanted me to win this trophy so seeing me win the trophy will make me proud but especially him.

If you win the title, what cause will you defend?

Once elected the first things I will defend would be violence against women, this action must stop so I will put all my strength into this fight to make it stop.

How are you preparing for Mister Africa International?

I prepare for Mister Africa international in several ways :
1 – I exercise every day to keep myself in shape and in balance and I control my diet
2- I start to follow training in English to be able to at least understand the language spoken in the country
And 3 I inform my brothers of the profession to know more since each competition with these little secrets is not just to be in shape or otherwise.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

To finish the legacy that I am going to leave I know that it will be immense since I know how to do a lot of things including music, cinema so I will make sure that everything that will come behind me can take a good example on my personality and on my career

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