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‘Miss Congeniality’ Secrets

From interviews and footage, these are some of the best tidbits of Miss Congeniality trivia only true fans will know.

Sandra Bullock dazzled fans when she starred as FBI Special Agent Grace Hart in the 2000s film, Miss Congeniality. The film became a hit sensation full of empowering badass female moments tied together with comedy.

Who would have thought an FBI Agent going undercover as a Miss United States beauty pageant contestant would make for a good film? While some critics did have their issues with the film, it’s a favorite amongst audiences. Some fans might not know some interesting behind-the-scenes facts like the Starbucks fiasco. Let’s take a look at ten fun facts about the popular film.

10 – LeeAnne Locken

Amongst the fifty contestants in the beauty pageant, there was one that people may not have recognized. LeeAnne Locken is mostly known for appearing in the television reality show, The Real Housewives of Dallas. Prior to the reality show, Locken played the role of Miss Nebraska in the film.

If you can’t remember who she was exactly, she was the contestant whose talent was making balloon animals. Locken, in an interview, explained she had to practice with a real clown but had trouble getting the proportions right.

9 – Bullock Wanted The Swimsuit Scene Cut Out

For a number of years, beauty pageants included a swimsuit portion as part of their competitions. In Miss Congeniality, it was no different. Gracie doesn’t have the confidence to parade in front of live television in a bright pink two-piece. Bullock revealed in an interview with ET that she wasn’t too happy about the scene.

She referred to the scene as a “bone of contention” for her. She also said that she diligently tried to get the scene written out multiple times. In the end, the creators decided to keep the scene anyway.

8 – Sandra Bullock Played The Tambourine In “Mustang Sally”

For the big reveal of pageant ready Gracie Hart, the song “Mustang Sally” played in the background. Steve Schnur, who was the music supervisor, explained in an interview with People that the choice was a unanimous decision. The problem was that the original recording of the song didn’t have enough charisma that the scene needed.

They decided to cut up the song at Sunset sound to fit the film better. Schnur explains that Bullock played the tambourine in the new studio cut that was later included in the original soundtrack. He has the video to prove it.

7 – Gracie’s Parents Were In The Script

Audiences never know much about Gracie’s family background. There are vague mentions about her mother, but we never see any solid characters. There is a reason for this. The writers originally wrote Gracie’s mother to be in the flashback scene when she was a kid.

They felt there was too much going on and cut it. Gracie’s father also made a cameo in the film’s original trailer. Edward Herrmann played the role, but the writers also cut out the scene.

6 – Michael Caine’s Wife Gave Him Some Pointers

Michael Caine as the beauty pageant extraordinaire can sometimes be hard to sell if you don’t know much about the industry, much less makeup. Thankfully, Cain had some help. His wife, Shakira Caine is no stranger to the beauty pageant world.

Mrs. Caine was urged to enter the Miss Guayana contest where she won runner-up. In 1967, she entered the Miss World contest at the age of 19. She came in third overall. As an insider into that world, she gave her husband some beauty pointers to use in the film. Like the infamous hairspray scene.

5 – Bullock And Bratt Did Theor Own Stunts

FBI agents go through years of combat and tactical training. Bullock and Bratt, who played Eric Matthews, got the shortened version. The wrestling scene at the FBI was done by the two actors instead of using stunt doubles.

When discussing her stunts, Bullock found doing the pageant scenes much more difficult than her combat scenes.  “The most difficult thing for me is walking and talking with breasts that aren’t mine in six-inch stiletto heels.”

4 – Pageant Gracie Took 2.5 Hours

When you have no time for makeup, hair or put together a decent outfit, you manage to get out of the house much faster. Before Gracie is turned into Miss New Jersey, her FBI attire was basic and drab. Bullock explained in a 2,000 interview, to get Gracie FBI ready it only took the crew 30 minutes.

In the iconic transformation scene with Bullock strutting her new look, it took up to 2.5 hours. The same went for getting her ready in pageant gowns and makeup. Anyone who knows what it takes to get dolled up would understand.

3 – “I’m Gliding Here”

When Victor Melling agrees to take on Gracie as his new client, his first lesson is teaching her how to walk like a proper lady. For rugged, job oriented Special Agent Gracie Hart, it’s not so easy. As they walk the streets of New York with Gracie trying to “glide” elegantly, she is almost hit by a taxi.

She slams her hands on the hood and says the popular line, “I’m gliding here!” The line is believed to be a parody from the famous 1969 film, Midnight Cowboys. The original line is, “I’m walking here!”

2 – They Incorporated Bullock’s Natural Clumsiness

Gracie Hart isn’t mean to be perfect. She doesn’t always look put together or worry about what others think of her. In a behind-the-scenes feature for the film, Bullock explained that the creators understood her natural clumsiness and quirky funniness. To make the most of it they incorporated her natural persona into the film.

This led to a lot of impromptu comical scenes like Gracie tripping on her bedsheets after coming home from a mission. Fans would also recall the scene where Gracie falls headfirst after being called for the final round of the competition.

1 – The Perfect Date Question

The most memorable line from Miss Congeniality has two possible origin stories. Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns) is asked a question during the talent rounds. Stan Fields asks her, “Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date.”

Charyl responds with the iconic line, “I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” The answer is supposedly a real-life answer that was used in a beauty pageant.

On April 25th, William Shatner celebrated the day on Twitter. He also shared why that date was chosen. The wife of the film’s director was born on April 25th. She will forever be memorialized every year due to an iconic film.

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