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Miss Grand International 2020 : 2nd Challenge winners

The 2nd MGI 2020 quarantine challenge has been announced and it involves some delicious Thai food! The candidates for Miss Grand International had to choose one of two options of famous Thai dishes, so to speak, ‘Padthai’ or ‘Thai papaya salad with chicken BBQ with sticky rice’. They had to taste it and report it in a two-minute-video.

The videos were published on the GrandTV, the MGI’s YouTube channel. 10 delegates were selected from voting, other 10, by the MGI judges.

The winners of the Thai food tasting challenge, the 2nd challenge the 63 MGI 2020 candidates faced while on quarantine in the city of Bangkok, are:

By public voting

  1. Indonesia – Aurra Kharishma (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  2. Philippines – Samantha Bernardo (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  3. Myanmar – Han Lay (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  4. Cambodia – Chily Liv (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  5. Colombia – Natalia Manrique Aguilar (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  6. Vietnam – Nguyen Lê Ngoc Thao (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  7. Paraguay – Daisy Lezcano (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  8. Peru – Maricielo Gamarra (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  9. Ecuador – Sonia Luna Menéndez (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  10. Guatemala – Ivana Batchelor (WATCH HER VIDEO)

Chosen by the judges

  1. United States – Evelyn Abena Appiah (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  2. Venezuela – Eliana Roa (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  3. Czech Republic – Denisa Spergerová (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  4. China – Fiona Tao (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  5. Mauritius – Tania Rene (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  6. Italy – Filomena Venuso (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  7. Panama – Angie Keith (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  8. Germany – Arlinda Prenaj (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  9. Thailand – Patcharaporn Chantarapadit (WATCH HER VIDEO)

  10. Kenya – Irene Ng’endo (WATCH HER VIDEO)

These 20 lucky young ladies will get the opportunity to learn how to cook Thai food at the iconic Blue Elephant restaurant and world-class fine dining and culinary school, with some of the country´s top chefs! This activity will take place on March 16th.

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