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Miss Grand International 2020 – Golden Crown Challenge winners announced

To occupy the quarantine days , Miss Grand International organized few challenges. The last is named the ‘Queen with the Golden Crown Challenge’ where the beauty queen had to edit the Miss Grand International golden crown and place it over their head with their most excited reaction. The girls were divided into 5 groups and out of every group and the top 2 voted contestants with the most vote from each group will be selected.

The top 10 were selected by the audience and later the organization decided to put photo montage of the crowns of the two countries for the poll and just announced the winners a few hours ago. Let’s look at the winners:

Miss Grand Cambodia 2020  – Chily Tevy

Miss Grand Colombia 2020  – Natalia Manrique Aguilar

Miss Grand Brazil 2020 – Lala Guedes

Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 – Sonia Luna Menéndez

Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 – Aurra Kharishma



Now, the organization has announced a big surprise that from the winners selected for ‘Queen with the Golden Crown’; one of the countries will receive ‘Country choice of the year’ title along with receiving honourable sash, trophy and will automatically enter the top 20 finalists for Miss Grand International 2020.

Impatient to know the lucky one.

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