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Miss Grand Nicaragua Organization crowned two new beauty queens

The organization of Miss Grand Nicaragua hosted the coronation ceremony for Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021 and 2022 on 8th August 2021 at the Theater Municipal José de la Cruz Mena, León, Nicaragua. At the end, Epifania Jocabed Solis was crowned by Miss Grand Nicaragua 2020, Teresa Moreno as Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021. Epifania will represent Nicaragua at Miss Grand International 2021. At the finale, Maycrin Jaenz was also crowned Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022 and will represent Nicaragua at Miss Grand International 2022. With her appointment, Nicaragua becomes the first country to crown its representative for Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Nicaragua 2021

Hailing from Managua, the 22-year-old beauty queen is the sales and marketing expert at Unique Marketing Solutions and the owner of VIBES, a clothing store. Epitania mentioned that Miss Grand Nicaragua has been a school that has helped her to grow, improve herself, and, most importantly, find herself.

Epifania shared, “although at the beginning it was very challenging, I understood that challenges make me develop and I understood that my strengths explode when I put myself to the test. I am proud of the person I have become and the performance throughout this journey. Thank God for leading me here. To my family and friends for always supporting me. To my team, as I always tell them: They are my angels.”

She is not a newbie to pageantry.  She competed at the 2015 Miss Teen Nicaragua pageant and has been working as a professional model for a while, which has helped her to gain confidence, experience, and knowledge about beauty pageants.

She believes that a powerful woman is the one who empowers more people and aspires to travel to many parts of the world to bring messages of improvement to communities at risk that need encouragement to get ahead and, in this way, generate a small change in the world. She shared, “I learned that the best thing I can do for myself is to live one day at a time, receiving and facing each situation with courage. Correcting my perspective, putting love in my intentions, and doing the right thing what is good for me, for my happiness, without hurting or going over anyone.”

The 2021 Miss Grand Nicaragua’ court includes:

1st runner-up – Magdalena Jarquin

2nd runner-up – Kriz Chang

3rd runner-up – Mayela Chamorro


Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022

During this finale, Maycrin Jaenz was also crowned Miss Grand Nicaragua 2022 and will represent Nicaragua at Miss Grand International 2022.

Hailing from Granada,the 23-year-old beauty queen is a professional model, an entrepreneur, and a student. Maycrin aspires to continue growing as an entrepreneur of national and international supplies, thus allocating a socioeconomic percentage that contributes to the improvement of her two social projects. She wants to continue growing in academic status and be an example of love, peace, and improvement for the people she loves and society in general.

She is not a newbie to the pageantry. She was Miss Turismo Granada 2018 but she was unplaced in the national finals.



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