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Miss International El Salvador 2021 appointed

Francisco Cortez, the director of Certamen Nacional de la Belleza-El Salvador, announced on the social media that Génesis Margarita Fuentes Figueroa will be the representative of the Salvadoran territory at the upcoming edition of Miss International pageant, to be held next November, in the city of Yokohama, Japan. 
“The new Miss International El Salvador 2021, is the migueleña, Génesis Fuentes, 26 years old, 1.75 tall, Lic. In Psychology. – Queen of El Salvador 2016, she has represented us in different international events ”, we can read on the official Instagram profile of the organization.
The 26-year-old beauty queen a licensed psychologist.
Génesis is not a newbie in the world of pageant. In 2013, she was crowned the queen of of the 55th edition of the popular San Miguel Carnival. Three years later, she won the crown of Queen of El Salvador. In 2018, she represent her country at the Miss Grand International, held on October 25 in Rangoon, Myanmar.


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Une publication partagée par Genesis Fuentes (@gennfuents)

 “We were dying to share this news with all of you. And as beings in constant evolution: I can only tell you that I am proud of my entire journey and what has brought me to this, which is my present today… ”, she posted on her social networks Fuentes Figueroa. I definitely want you to know this new version that will work with more determination, that has more experience, knowledge, maturity, confidence and skills. Thank you infinitely because there is always my love and unconditional support. I promise to compensate them… ”, continued the young professional who affirms that she is willing to make history in Japanese territory.
Her followers did not hesitate to support her and ensure that they would be with her in this new challenge. “Hahahaha ah go girl Gen, we are with the sharpened nets to support her again”, “impossible better represented, but cool woman ❤️”, “So beautiful. I know you will represent us super well 😍 ”,“ El Salvador will undoubtedly be a success in Miss International ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ”are some of the greetings that his ‘followers’ dedicated to him in the publication of a clip – well from Migueleño – in the who confessed that months ago he came to think of retiring from beauty pageants.


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