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Miss Rwanda 2016 Jolly Mutesi has been appointed the vice president of the Miss East Africa beauty competition

Miss Rwanda 2016 Jolly Mutesi has been appointed the vice president of the Miss East Africa beauty competition. The beauty queen took to her social media on 9th June 2021 to announce the news before jetting off to Tanzania. She wrote, “I have traveled to Tanzania to organize Miss East Africa and more about the beauty competition will be aired through a press conference in Tanzania.”

Mutesi also wrote, “Even though much has been done to equalize gender imbalances, unfortunately, the glass ceiling is still present and it is not easy for a woman to hit the level where they have enough influence to have any impact. Beauty pageants are away for a young woman to do that #MIssEastAfrica2021. “


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Mutesi will organize the competition, which will feature talented and potential delegates from seventeen countries, including Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Seychelles, Malawi, and Somalia, among others. Miss East Africa returns to the scene, and organizers say that because the organization team is made up of young people, the beauty pageant promises to be one-of-a-kind this year.

The former beauty queen aims to create more platforms for women to take up space and create opportunities that will help the women of the country to be able to stay dedicated to their cause. The former beauty queen’s journey to being Miss East Africa’s vice president was not easy, as she had to deal with a lot of insults, bullying, and social media pressure from people accusing her of bleaching, which strengthened her resolve to be a voice for the voiceless, especially for young girls in similar situations.

During her year of reign, Miss Jolly Mutesi was the first beauty queen to represent Rwanda in the Miss World beauty competition. Even though she did not win the competition, she paved the way for Rwanda to be a permanent participant in Miss World. She used her experience as a beauty queen to help and encourage other young women to find their cause and keep working hard towards it because she mentioned that she knows many girls who are afraid of activities that make them famous for fear of what is being said.

Speaking to the local media about the new venture in which she is involved, Mutesi stated that preparations for the beauty pageant are still in the works and that further details will be communicated in two weeks.

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