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Miss Universe & Miss World, which is the bigger pageant ?

There are many beauty pageants held in various parts of the world all over the year. Two of the most prominent beauty pageants held at a world level are Miss World and Miss Universe organized by different organizations. As far as public perception is concerned, Miss Universe is considered to be at a level higher than Miss World though there is nothing to justify this perception. They are just two beauty pageants run by different organizations solely.

Between Miss World and Miss Universe, which is the bigger pageant? This debate has been going on for years between these two rival competitions. Inside Pageant will try to answer that age-old question through different articles. Today, we will focus on the data provided by Google Analytics. But first, a little presentation of these two competitions.

What is Miss Universe?

Miss Universe contest is organized by Miss Universe Organization, which belongs to IMG, after having bought it from Donald Trump in 2016.

Miss Universe contest was held in 1952 for the first time, and since then, there has been a gradual build up in the interest of people around the world. There is a great anticipation and buzz around the beauties selected from around the world and people wait anxiously to find out who the lucky girl is who holds the title of the most beautiful girl in the entire Universe (though it is a misnomer as only girls from Earth take part in the contest!) The chosen Miss Universe stays in the New York City, USA during her one-year period of victory.

The logo of Miss Universe is a woman with stars. This logo symbolizes the beauty and responsibility of women all around the universe. The current Miss Universe is Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa. She was crowned on December 8, 2019, at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

What Is Miss World?

Miss World, on the other hand, is another important beauty pageant that began in 1951 in the UK. The contest is held every year and is organized by Miss World Organization. It is organized along the pattern of Miss Universe where every country of the world sends its chosen representative where after some grueling rounds of competition, the final winner is chosen and declared Miss World who reigns supreme for a period of one year. The current president of the Miss World Organization is Julia Morley. The current Miss World is Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica. She was crowned on 14 December 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. During her period of reign, the Miss World traditionally lives in London.

Which is the bigger pageant according to the data?

By using Google Analytics (date since 2004), we notice that both contests are highly sought after on the Internet. But Miss Universe dominates very widely search popularity since the beginnings of the data.

Miss World is lagging in this area, even though they have invented an award for five years to distinguish the candidate with the most influence on the networks. This difference is probably explained by the position of Julia Morley, the president of the Miss World Organization, who favors direct contacts to social networks, which she admits not liking in a previous interview.

We note from the Google data available to us that the two contests have their own geographic area of influence. Thus, the countries of South America are supporters of the American Contest while Asia is more supportive of the English contest. From the very beginning of Miss World contests, it was the Asian and European countries that maintained a strong foothold. 

By analyzing country by country, it really seems that the two beauty contests have shared the globe. Africa and parts of old Europe are strong supporters of Miss World, while Miss Universe dominates in North and South America.

In conclusion, how you interpret the question “which is the bigger pageant” may vary based on your own biases. However, historic data and Google Analytics don’t lie… Miss Universe is the great winner from a data point of view.

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