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Miss Universe Nepal 2020 launches ‘Anshika Education Welfare Foundation’

Anshika Sharma was crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2020 on 30th December 2020. The diva is an advocate for education and sincerely believes that education can change the world. She believes that children, no matter what background they come from, need to be provided with education to improve their quality of life, economy and thus the future of the country.

Recently, Miss Universe Nepal organization launched ‘Anshika Education Welfare Foundation’ during a press conference for which the diva has invested 10 Lakh rupees of her prize money in order to not only set up the foundation but also support 14 children from her hometown so that they can continue to receive quality education.

During the press conference the diva along with the organization mentioned that she has selected 14 children from four different schools from her hometown; Jhapa, who will be receiving support from the trust fund in terms of school fees, clothes, curricular materials, nutritious food, accommodation, travel, medicinal support for girls’ health-related issues and other primary requirement to access quality education.

Prior to Anshika Education Welfare Foundation, Anshika and her friends were providing scholarships to 10 underprivileged students in Jumla but after winning and having an influential platform she decided to invest and expand her reach so that people would understand that education is the necessity of life and everyone should have it. Her advocacy aims to uplift the underprivileged children from minorities, orphanages, and ones with disabilities. Anshika strongly believes that the hope of a nation lies in proper education of its youth as the children will get opportunity to learn and manifest their dreams.

National Director Nagma Shrestha shared a heart-warming appreciation post on her social media mentioning, “Anshika really surprised us with the decision to use all her prize money of Rs. 10 lakhs for a charitable cause. It takes a big heart to take such a step! Anshika Education Welfare Foundation is the beginning of a beautiful journey for Anshika and the lives she is about to touch. She has truly taken the opportunities that pageantry can bring about and created something that has personally inspired me.”

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