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Miss Universe Thailand 2020 launches her campaign

Amanda Obdam, Miss Universe Thailand 2020, has recently launched her campaign, ‘Have You Listened?’, through which diva wants to emphasize on the importance of listening and urge everyone to understand that the act of listening should be adapted by everyone as an essential part of one’s life.

The diva took to her social media to explain a little bit about her campaign and mentioned, “I started the Have You Listened campaign because from my experience I feel that we’re living in a society where everyone wants to speak but no one is listening.” Amanda further mentioned that the basic human need is the need to understand and to be understood and the best way to achieve this is by listening to one another.



The Thai-Canadian beauty queen who has managed to impress everyone with her humbleness, kind, and positive attitude is also an avid advocate for mental health as she believes that it is the time where everyone should give their mental health the importance it needs irrespective of what society thinks.

Amanda has used the platform given to her by Miss Universe Thailand 2020 to advocate and educate people about the Mental Health situation in the world and addition to her advocacy her campaign, ‘Have You Listened? comes as a great step because one of the essential things in creating awareness regarding mental health is to make people understand how important it is to listen to the other people. She also met the important people from the Department of Mental Health of Thailand recently where she discussed about her campaign and finally launched it via her social media.


The target group of this project ranges from the new generation, school age to retirement age, who will help each other to become “listeners” and “understand” patients with depression. Through training and access through modern media such as VDO, Podcast, Online Workshop and Hot Line, ready to listen to all worries.

Amanda received a lot of useful advice on the Have You Listened Project from the Director-General, and appreciated Amanda’s ideas and invited Amanda and the beauties from the Miss Universe Thailand 2020 stage.


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