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Miss World Organization loses millions of dollars due to COVID-19 cancellation

Miss World was canceled at the last minute when at least 23 girls came down with COVID-19, causing the organization to lose millions, a source tells Page Six. According to the announcement posted on the official Instagram page of Miss Universe Pageant, the winner will be awarded during the award ceremony to be held on March 16, 2022 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The organizers say they will announce the details of the show soon.

They lost … the millions in set cost to produce the pageant,” said a source of the event — which judges contestants on their philanthropic work, not how they look in a swimsuit. We hear the production cost is around $5 million.” the source told PageSix’s reporters.

Reporters contacted the Pageant’s official representative, and the latter confirmed the news about the loss of significant funds, but fell short of clarifying the amount. “Everyone’s safety comes first for us, even if it entails additional expenses,” the representative said.

Beauty guru Peter Thomas Roth was on the island to act as a judge, telling us that when he got there a few days before, “eight of the girls had already tested positive.”

COVID wasn’t the only problem the show encountered during the week leading up to its air date. They also ran out of power.

Roth tells Page Six, “Everything kept getting postponed because the hotel power kept going out and they didn’t have a generator. Events were late a few hours because the girls needed to do hair and makeup and need electricity.”

The show, which counts Halle Berry and Lynda Carter as former winners, has now been rescheduled to take place at the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot on March 16.

“We are sure the event will be a huge success in March and we thank everyone for their support and understanding,” the show’s representative said.

Roth insists despite the drama, he will go back.

It was fun being there for a week. I wasn’t nervous, I am vaccinated. I had COVID.

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