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Mister Africa International 2021 – Interview of Mister Africa Guinea

We reveal to you the interviews of the candidates who compete in Mister Africa International. We put the same 6 questions to all the candidates. Today, it is the representative of Congo who presents himself to you.

Tell us about yourself.

I am LANCINET SANGARÉ, I am 21 years old, I measure a height of 1m83 by 62kg, I am a student at the higher institute of architecture and town planning “ISAU” at the gamal abdel nasser University of Conakry Guinea.

Tell us about your pageant history

I grew up in a neighborhood where the model, Miss and Mister parade is growing, Because most of my cousins ​​and big of the neighborhood are either Misters or models! this inspired me a lot because they did not listen to the criticisms of people who did not appreciate them out of love for their passion! many of them have become someone else today but we leave their name in the field! In short! many of them have supported me and continue to do so! because through their advice I received several awards like, Mister Semyg 2019! 4th in the final of the Guinea National Competition 2019, and my very last title is the Mister Crisber 2021 prize which is one of the biggest titles in Guinea.

What inspired you to compete for Mister Africa International?

My aspirations for the international Mister Africa competition aims to celebrate man in his diversity and make them continental icons to protect, promote and defend the cultural uniqueness and ecotourism of Africa.

If you win the title, what cause will you defend?

Knowing that to be a Mister, you have to have potential! you have to be smart, talented, creative, able to come up with an idea that would have a social impact on a continental scale. So if I manage to win this title that I have dreamed of for a year now, I would be ready to defend any humanitarian and environmental cause through concrete and positive actions because in my opinion the Mister is a sociable, sensitive man, endowed with very good behavior. socially, decent, confident and able to create, develop and maintain an influential network of relationships.

How are you preparing for Mister Africa International?

It is true that with this disease it has become much more difficult to prepare for a competition, because with my job as a young student in architecture I do not have time to play sports at night and this has become a problem. Since the launch of the state of health emergency in my country. I have to adapt to another unfavorable but somewhat profitable job! Otherwise I prepare well away from the eyes!

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Finally, if I win this competition I would really like to be able to inspire the young people who will come after this generation of Mister! By sending the competition to the highest level on an intercontinental scale and showing to everyone that being Mister is being like a king and a king is the one who listens, defends and acts for the good of his people without discrimination of race, ethinia of language or anything else because all human beings are valued

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