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Mister France Auvergne-Rhône Alpes dismissed, he answers our questions

Timothée Curado during his regional contest

While a few days ago we learned that Arthur Badureau was stripped of his title of Mister France Grand-Est, a new case has tainted the Mister France committee : Timothée CURADO, initially elected Mister France Auvergne Rhône-Alpes for the final in January is dismissed.

Today, the Mister France Auvergne Rhône-Alpes committee issued an official press release announcing the decision, Timothée CURADO is stripped of his title.

Known on Tiktok and Instagram, Timothée is a high school physics chemistry teacher and makes many humoristic videos. On top of that, he is an influencer and a model. In a video posted by the 27-year-old professor he describes the events and the reasons for his dismissal. According to him, it has to do with his homosexuality, which he assumes. Since the creation of the competition by Rachel Quesney, no homosexual contestant has officially recognized it. Timothée defends the LGBT+ cause and takes a stand against harassment. He tries to advance these topics on his social networks and he would have been criticized. With almost 100,000 subscribers on Instagram and 700,000 on Tiktok, Timothée could nevertheless have brought a wave of freshness and great publicity to the Mister France committee which is struggling to find a place on social networks in the face of other male beauty contests.

The delegation explains in its official press release that they sent it several warnings about “inadequate” and too “explicit” content in positions which in their view do not represent the “irreproachable” man that a male pageant winner of the Mister France committee must represent.

Timothée Curado

As we heard the news, we sought to reach Timothée. He answered some of our questions:

Inside Pageant – Can you tell us about your Mister France Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes adventure ?

I have been preparing for this competition for 2 years now, physically and mentally. I was delighted to have been selected and above all elected thanks to the jury and above all thanks to the public who gave me incredible support throughout the adventure. I really enjoyed and learned a lot during the preparation for the Mister France Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes election. The preparations were intense but it was worth it since the proposed show really lived up to my expectations and those of the other candidates. Unfortunately, once elected I discovered a face of the national committee that I really did not expect.

Inside Pageant – Was it stipulated in your contract that you should not pose in “explicit” poses with your sash?

Yes quite. But I have never posed with the scarf other than in a costume. It is also stipulated that the image of Mister should be an image of elegance, which I understood and what I tried to do during the few days that I may have had as Mister. I haven’t taught anyone anything. I have always had the image of the sexy teacher on the networks and at no time was this criticized at the casting or even during the preparations. After my election, the chairman of the national committee told me that some photos were “embarrassing” for the image of a Mister. I understood that and that is why I immediately deleted the affected photos. And subsequently, to be sure that I (no longer) missed the mark, I sent all the photos I planned to post in December to the regional delegate who validated them all. Unfortunately his opinion did not correspond to that of the national committee. This is why, before posting a photo, I asked the Chairman of the committee to validate them. What he did. Hence my complete incomprehension for the decision that was taken.

Inside Pageant – Why do you think they dismissed you ?

The purpose of the video I posted on Instagram was to show my misunderstanding. Since, to this day, I have no valid explanation for this decision. I had to ask myself questions and try to find the answers that were never given to me. So yeah, I thought my sexual orientation might be the cause as I put the pieces together. This is a hypothesis that has not left me indifferent. On the other hand, this video did get me answers right away. Since I understood that this decision had been taken following dissatisfied partners (partners essential to the financially speaking committee), I learned that certain contestants, jealous, spent their time on the networks to point out the slightest flaw in order to dismiss me. I found it hard to believe it but reading the conversations I fell from a great height.

Inside Pageant – Arthur, Mister Grand-Est has just been dismissed, for other reasons. Do you think the committee is in decline ?

The committee is definitely in decline, obviously. Their actions are not in line with the values ​​he wants to convey and that is a shame. Arthur too suffered a tremendous injustice. Why decide to remove a candidate when the mistake comes from above? 

François, newly crowned Mister France Auvergne-Rhône Alpes 2021

Inside Pageant – Are you going to support the newly elected ?

I wish all the happiness in the world to François who will replace me in this competition. He is a beautiful person and I am sure he will be able to defend his causes with sincerity, if he can stay himself throughout the adventure. I will support him as a person but I will not be able to support him in the adventure. “

Inside Pageant – Do you want to say something more ?

I think this kind of behavior should be denounced. We are in the 21st century and I do not understand why the image of man is not changing. People are just waiting for that: to see free men, proud of who they are. This is how this kind of competition has to evolve.”

We would like to congratulate François Cachard, who becomes Mister France Auvergne Rhône Alpes 2021 and who qualifies for Mister France on January 22 in Paris. Tristan Ronin becomes first runner-up and Nicolas Asri, who was fourth in the regional election, becomes 2nd runner-up.

As a reminder, just a few days ago, another scandal broke out in this same committee. Hopefully these scandals will stop quickly to make way for the show on January 22!


Interview conducted by Thomas for Inside Pageant. 
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