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Mrs World 2021 – Meet Maureen Mink, Mrs Puerto Rico World 2021

Today, we continue to introduce you to the different candidates for Mrs World. After meeting Mrs Wales World, Mrs Uganda World and Mrs Taiwan World, we go to Puerto Rico where we are welcomed by Maureen Mink.


Inside Pageant – Hello Maureen. Thanks for your time. What is your occupation ?

CEO of Turquoise health and beauty. Author of Navajo Boy and Girl.

Inside Pageant – Tell me more about your family

My family is the most important blessing in my life.

Inside Pageant – What is your motto? 

Walk in beauty

Inside Pageant – Why is so important for you?

Walk in beauty is a indigenous Navajo term that means everything I do is with beauty, in who I meet and speak with, walk with, and see with, is always in beauty.

Inside Pageant – Which values do you inculcate to your family? 

To always live in your truth whatever that looks like to you.

Inside Pageant – What is the best lesson you’ve learned that has shaped your life? 

That your are a true queen in how you take your disappointments in life not your victories.

Inside Pageant – In your spare time, what do you like to do?

I am a classical pianist and I write sonatas. I also love to paint and create. I just finished a children’s book.

Inside Pageant – What are you most proud of in your family?

That we truly love being around each other and we choose to spend our time that way. It is a gift.

Inside Pageant – What is your secret to managing at the same time your crown duties, your job and your family?

I have always been in modeling and fundraising since my children were young. I have also participated in pageants.I believe it was a good way to keep something I loved in my life. I make it a lifestyle and build it into my time management rather than just once in a while, that is how you become an expert.

Inside Pageant – What is the most difficult: mother or beauty queen? 

Being a mother for me has always been a gift, more challenging  when my children were young not so much difficult but challenging at times.

Inside Pageant – What do you see in your mirror?

“I walk in beauty” beauty

Inside Pageant – You will compete at Mrs. World, a beauty contest for married women. What does beauty mean to you?

Hózhó, the Navajo word for balance beauty and harmony. To walk in beauty as an indigenous woman means to speak beautiful words, hear beautiful things and listen with beauty.

Inside Pageant – What does pageantry mean to you?

A way to celebrate my life exactly where I am at and share it with everyone.

Inside Pageant –  Some people think beauty pageants are shallow parades of beauty. What do you have to say to them? 

I am an athlete. I train like one, I diet like one, I have a regimented order of things I follow to get ready for one,  just like any other sport out there. It has less to do with beauty then with skill.

Inside Pageant – Do you think that our culture is too preoccupied with beauty? If so, how could we change it?

I think our culture has always been fascinated by beauty since the beginning of time. You cannot change the way someone looks at beauty as it is a true opinion of ones self and I would only respect that.

Inside Pageant – What do you say to people who say that a mother has nothing to do in a beauty pageant?

I would say that I respect mothers who have jobs, and hobbies outside of their home and this is mine.

Inside Pageant – Where did that first thought about entering the pageant come from?

My orthodontist and a younger age. His daughter ran for Mrs.America and he thought I would do well.

Inside Pageant – What is the most fun and exciting thing about participating in a beauty contest?

The consistent self improvement and meeting other like minded women.

Inside Pageant – Why do you join specifically the Mrs. World pageant?

The reputation is wonderful. I also had a friend who did Mrs.World and she loved it.

You will soon find the full interview in the Inside Pageant’s issue dedicated to Mrs World.

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