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Mrs World 2021 – Meet Soumaya J. Obeid, Mrs Lebanon World 2021

Today, we continue to introduce you to the different candidates for Mrs World. After meeting Mrs Wales World, Mrs Uganda World and Mrs Taiwan World, we go to Lebanon where we are welcomed by Soumaya J. Obeid.


Inside Pageant – Hello Soumaya. Thanks for your time. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

My name is Soumaya J. Obeid I am 30 years old . I am from Lebanon, a small beautiful country in the middle east. I currently live in Massachusetts. I moved to the US when I was 12 with My mother and brother.  I have my bachelor’s in Marketing and advertising. I am married to my amazing husband and we have two boys Ray three years old and Geovanni one year old.

Inside Pageant – What is your motto? 

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Inside Pageant – Why is so important for you?

I believe every one has his/her problems fears sadness sickness. No one knows what’s in every person’s heart that’s why you have to be kind.

Inside Pageant – Which values do you inculcate to your family?

Honesty, Love  and respect

Inside Pageant – What is the best lesson you’ve learned that has shaped your life?

Not every thing that shines is Gold .  I was in a abused relationship … I almost died twice . But I got the strength and I moved on to become stronger and wiser when it comes to choosing people around me.

Inside Pageant – In your spare time, what do you like to do?

I love spending time with my children 💙 and I am working on a project to help woman who are being abused by their partners to speak up and move on. I am hoping if I win the competition I will be able to achieve my goal and by building a strong support community to help women.

Inside Pageant – What are you most proud of in your family?

I found real happiness with them .

Inside Pageant – What is your secret to managing at the same time your crown duties, your job and your family?

I always like to plan everything in advance so I’ve been doing pretty well with my planning . Sometimes things don’t go as planned especially with 2 little boys but I always say it’s okay and tomorrow is a new day.

Inside Pageant – What is the most difficult: mother or beauty queen? 

Being a Mother ofcourse because I know they see me as a beauty queen for the rest of my life.

Inside Pageant – What do you see in your mirror?

A strong scarred kind soul

Inside Pageant – You will compete at Mrs. World, a beauty contest for married women. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty shines from the soul of every human being.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way

Inside Pageant – What does pageantry mean to you?

Pageantry Is the keys to open a hidden door/opportunity

Inside Pageant – Some people think beauty pageants are shallow parades of beauty. What do you have to say to them?

I respect their opinion but i don’t agree. Alot of people think like that including my own grandparents. Everyone has a different opinion and thank God I am in America and we practice freedom of speech because if I was in Lebanon I could have been forced to leave this competition.

Inside Pageant – Do you think that our culture is too preoccupied with beauty? If so, how could we change it?

Yes it is . If we focus on different goals in life, if we see the bigger picture of life I am sure people won’t be as occupied with beauty as they are now. Life carries so many surprises where beauty becomes the last thing on a person’s mind.

Inside Pageant – What do you say to people who say that a mother has nothing to do in a beauty pageant?


Inside Pageant – Where did that first thought about entering the pageant come from?

I grew up thinking I wasn’t like the other girls especially that I moved to the US at a young age I was bullied due to my accent so it was always a dream for me . I remember every birthday I had I would wish to become beautiful. No one asked me to prom or homecoming, but then I was in college started doing photoshoots. Then at the age of 24 i was selected by Mr Gim Jibson to represent Lebanon in Las Vegas and that was when I realized that God has been listening to my prayers. My confidence boosted and i realized that even if I have an accent I am beautiful,  even if I am different I am beautiful.

Inside Pageant – What is the most fun and exciting thing about participating in a beauty contest?
I think how excited my family were for me knowing that I have a cause that I am working on .

Inside Pageant – Why do you join specifically the Mrs. World pageant?

I got married in 2017 after my previous relationship.  And I was traumatized I was scared of people. I stopped Believing that there are good people out there so it took me 4 years to be able to share what happened with me before my marriage . So my husband thought this competition will be a great way to share my past experience with other people and to open other women’s eyes that not everything  that shines is Gold.  And that if you are in an abused relationship there are other women who are experiencing the same relationship.

You will soon find the full interview in the Inside Pageant’s issue dedicated to Mrs World.

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