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Pageantry Review – Andrea Meza almost left Miss Universe for her mother’s health

There is no doubt that a mother would do anything for her children, even hide the most delicate details of their health. That was the case with Alma Carmona Jaquez, mother of Andrea Meza, who just at the time her daughter was competing in the Miss Universe preliminaries, was diagnosed with a tumor. Despite her attempts not to say anything to Andrea, Miss Mexico ended up finding out and almost left the pageant to be with her mother in her native Chihuahua.

They found me a tumor, everything was very immediate and well, I went into surgery”Alma Carmona told the cameras of Al Rojo Vivo. With much love and supporting Andrea’s dream, the lady did not want to tell her what was really happening: “But to break the news to Andrea I told her that, as it seemed to be nothing more than a vision problem, so as not to make her more nervous.

Today Miss Universe did not know what to do, because on the one hand she was so close to winning the crown and, on the other, the most important woman in her life needed her. “He actually had a bit of a nervous breakdown,” said the 26-year-old’s mother. “He did not tell me, he did not say anything so as not to put me more stressed, but He told his friends that he was thinking of coming, he couldn’t find what to do, really”, Revealed about Andrea’s intention to leave the contest.

This is how Andrea Meza lived the news about her mother’s health

Alma Carmona’s story was completed with the statements of Andrea Meza, who in an interview on the Mexican program Venga la Alegría, told how she found out and what she thought at that difficult moment. “It was difficult because the day I knew she was not coming, it was the day she was supposed to arrive here in Florida, so my father put in the family group ‘on the way’, that is, taking off, and I I thought taking off all together, “he recalled.

In a separate WhatsApp group, I realized that my mother stayed at home, and I said: ‘what’s going on?’ They didn’t want to tell me because they didn’t want to distract me, but I found out that my mother had a health issue and had to be admitted and could not come”, He told about how he worried about his mother.

In the end, although it was somewhat difficult, Andrea put her mind and heart on the stage of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Hollywood, Florida. “For me it was complicated, I was in rehearsals and I was like that with tears, trying to make sure no one noticed, but then I said to myself: ‘It’s for her good, she has to be well, she has to take care of herself.’ And maybe being here was not the right thing to do, because imagine if she got sick here, without medical support or anything, the best thing is that she was at home and sent me her good vibes from there, because she has always been by my side ” said Miss Universe, who now resides in New York.

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