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Pageantry Spotlight

Pageantry Spotlight – Miss & Mrs Summit International

A new beauty pageant is born this year: Miss & Mrs Summit International. From the organization’s website, we can learn a bit more about this new competition.

Miss & Mrs. Summit International promotes beautiful women, as well as their passion and their accomplishments. The competition empowers women to develop personal growth, leadership, self-confidence, and friendship.

The word “Summit” entails a formal meeting between representatives from each country who share similar values. The structure of the Miss/Mrs. Summit International Pageant is to have a representative from each country come together to exchange ideas on how to make improvements for a better, brighter future for women all over the world. These representatives will also compete in a beauty competition that will offer an opportunity to become an ambassador for “Miss/Mrs. Summit International.” Our queen must be the epitome of our vision and values; which focus on three key points: Connect, Empower, and Peace for all women around the world. 

The pageant mission is to connect and bring women together from all walks of life, in order to encourage peace by connecting women and empowering them with a positive role model.

The Pageant

The candidates will be assessed according to several criteria: 

  • Personal Interview – 20%
  • National Costume – 20%
  • Swimsuit – 20%
  • Evening Gown – 20%
  • Onstage Question (Top 5 Finalists Only) – 20%

The inaugural edition will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino on July 16, 2021.

Inside Pageant wishes good luck to this new beauty pageant. 


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