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Pageantry Spotlight

Pageantry Spotlight : Miss Universal Queen

Inside Pageant has the role of making you discover new beauty contest. Today, we put Miss Universal Queen in the spotlight. We are fortunate to have been able to exchange with its founder: Totie. Discover hers interview in the first number of Inside Pageant.

This Filipino competition is open to all young women who want to put their title to make things happen about mental health. Currently, people suffering from these diseases are often abandoned to their fate and are dismissed for lack of knowledge of the solutions to help them. The goal of Miss Universal Queen is to etablish a concrete global advocacy on mental health awereness, having free access on health care and other benefical charity works.

The organization believes of Individual capacity, uniqueness and reshaping pageantry platform into more decent and widely accepted through eliminating swimwear competition. Thus, Miss Universal Queen created a SWIMTAIL competition, which will be highlighted and reinforced by not too revealing evening gown during pre-pageant and coronation night.

The first edition of this competition will take place next November in Manila, Philippines. The winner will be served as a spokesperson, an ambassador  that truly upholds the mission and the vision of the organization.

If you are a contest manager and are interested in sending one of your winners, Inside Pageant invites you to contact its founder to obtain a license.

If no director exists for your country, but you would like to participate in this contest, contact the contest directly.

Update February 2021 – There is no longer a height requirement to participate in the contest.

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