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Puerto Rico wins Mister Grand International 2021

Fernando Ezequiel Padin was crowned Mister Grand International 2021 at the end of the final held on December 4, 2021 at  the Hotel El Panamá by Faranda in Panama City, Panama. Beating 23 other finalists, the representative of Puerto Rico succeeds Mister Grand International 2019 Tuan Lucas from Vietnam for this title.

After his crowning, Fernando Ezequiel expressed the following from Panama City, where the event was held: “Today I get up, giving thanks to God, to life, to my parents, to my family, friends, my colleagues and work friends, and each of those who contributed to this dream being fulfilled. Thank you all for your messages, for your signs of affection, your good vibes, for sharing my posts. Beyond earning a tape, I came to mark my essence and the essence of the Puerto Rican, to touch lives in a positive way.

The 2021 Mister Grand International’s court includes

1st runner-up  – Suveer Ramsook (Trinidad & Tobago)

2nd runner-up  – Cayman Cardiff (USA)

3rd runner-up – Cédric Cabane (France)

4th runner-up – Jacob Ondrus (Canada)

The event also had the participation of the public, where those interested could vote for their favorites, where the Elizabethan was among the first five most voted, with the United States being the first, followed by Mexico, Puerto Rico, France and the Philippines.

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