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Victoria Shore crowned the first Miss Missouri Volunteer

Victoria Shore was crowned Miss Missouri Volunteer 2022 at the end of the inaugural pageant, held on January 8, 2021 at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center in Kirkwood, Missouri. Still, she was pretty sure her pageant days were over, when she retired as Miss Illinois’ Outstanding Teen 2020.

Through her experience in Girl Scouts, the University of Missouri freshman, a Gold Star Scout, became acquainted with Mary Ann Owens, a staff member of the Girls Scouts of Eastern Missouri and local pageant director for the Miss America system.

She (Owens) immediately identified her (Victoria) as a pageant girl from the way she spoke and the way she carried herself,” said Shore’s mom, Elizabeth.

The pair began following Owens’ girls in pageants and soon realized she had a winning program in the Missouri system. Then, Victoria’s decision to attend the University of Missouri put her in line to compete in the Missouri America system. However, the Journalism major with an already full plate of activities decided she could not follow that pageant’s protocol for the winner to quit school for a year to prepare for Miss America.

Then, a new pageant, Miss Volunteer America, was created and Owens went looking for Victoria.

This is a more traditional pageant,” said Victoria, noting the competition includes talent, swimsuit, evening gown, and an on stage question.

Victoria’s question could not have been more perfect.

Should equity and equality be a required part of the K-12 education?” she was asked.

Victoria spent a year as a Girl Scout UN delegate where that very topic was heavily discussed.

I saw how crucial it can be for students, regardless of beliefs, financial situations, or how they grew up to have equity and equality,” she said.

Now, as the first representative of the Miss Missouri Volunteer, Victoria will spend the next year promoting her platform as she prepares for the national pageant.

It’s important for me to be a good representative for program,” she said, “especially since it’s the first year. I am ready to promote my platform of Women in Media: Representation, Empowerment and Media Literacy across the Show Me state.

During the same night, Greta Clark won Miss Missouri Teen Volunteer title.

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